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December 18, 2020
Our Story

The Past

A lifelong kitty-lover, our Founder and Clowder Queen, Tanya Lynn Heller, has been an advocate for the voiceless (human and animal alike) for many years.

Upon moving to the area from Washington D.C., Tanya and her philanthropic husband (our President and Kitten King, Andrew Heller), were taken aback by the overwhelming population of stray and feral kitties. With a year-round mating season, it was no wonder they saw what seemed more than double the population density they were accustomed to up north. They decided to do their part, taking in and finding homes for the kitties in their neighborhood. However, as word of the kitty-loving-couple and their new ‘Safe Haven for Fabulous Fort Lauderdale Felines’ spread, the number of unfortunate kitty situations brought to their attention grew exponentially.

Eventually, residents were so grateful for all the Hellers were doing for the community that they insisted on the ability to donate and volunteer, which is where the official nature of Purrr began.

The Present

Purrr is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to helping felines in need to live safe and super-fabulous lives. The majority of our kitties live in an open home-like environment in our converted 2-story guest home attached to Andrew and Tanya’s private residence. They are cared for around the clock, by our dedicated team of Pet Specialists and Wellness Advocates, who cater to their every need physically, socially, and medically.

We also aim to partner with the rescue and pet-loving community to create educational and social opportunities to enrich lives (both animal and human) and affect positive change by enriching relationships between people and their pets.

If you find us out late in a dark alley with a trap in one hand and a trash magazine in the other, get that kitty concierge some coffee and a snack, because this is where we shine!

Outcomes for feral cats are historically tragic, but we are committed to caring for tricky cases. We trap, neuter/spay, and provide long-term socialization therapy to help our feral friends relax and morph into wonderfully warm, loving family members. In the rare case our ferals do not warm up, we care for them as permanent residents, giving them space, love, and never-ending hope.

The Future!

Your donations help us take kitties off the dangerous streets and provide our family with high-quality food, medical care, and enriching toys all in a safe and homey environment with constant human monitoring and interaction. Your donations will also help us find a secure facility where we can increase our capacity to save lives and host things like…

  • Cat & kitten yoga
  • Pet-related craft nights
  • Pet grief support groups and counseling
  • Informative courses and speaking events
  • A cat cafe with screened atrium

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    About Purrr

    Purrr is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to helping felines in need to live safe and super-fabulous lives.
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