A safe haven for fabulous felines


About Us

A safe haven for fabulous felines, Purrr aims to care for our rescued kitties until we can pair them with families that are a perfect match.

Purrr is proud to be a different kind of feline adoption experience. Our application process is very thorough so that we may help match you to an adoptable kitty who is a purrrfect addition to your family.

We pride ourselves on providing a luxury adoption experience – if you decide to adopt a Purrr family member, you’ll leave with a customized carrier (with their current name or whatever new name you choose for them), a luxury gift bag packed with goodies for both you & them, completed neuter/spay, vaccinations, and a microchip, all for an adoption fee of just $250. You will also become part of the Purrr Family, which means special offers and invitations to future Purrr events and parties, as well as our Purrr Family policy which states that should anything happen to you, or should things not work out for any reason, we will always welcome our family member back with open arms.

We are currently developing the Purrrfect website for our kitty cause. If you are interested in starting the adoption process right meow, please email us at info@purrr.org.

Help support our cause! Make a one-time donation or a recurring, monthly donation. Thanks for your support!