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March 30, 20210

Hazelnut needs your help! This sweet and gentle kitty was being taken care of in the parking lot of one of our employee’s neighbor’s workplaces. Scheduled for demolition, the good samaritan took her in and fell in love with her sweet, playful demeanor, but could not keep her permanently. Thus, Hazelnut came to us, where we noticed she walked with a slight limp…

After a trip to the vet with bloodwork and radiographs, the culprit is likely to be Osteosarcoma, an extremely aggressive bone cancer that spreads quickly to other parts of the body, making early detection and treatment vital. Hazelnut urgently needs to have her left front leg amputated before the cancer spreads. Her total vet bill is estimated at about $3,000  for multiple visits and medications, so we are asking for donations to get this sweetheart the help she needs. Every little bit counts and no donation is too small!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We are nuts about HAZELNUT!


Help Hazelnut MEOW!

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