Megan & Danny

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Megan and Danny

“The entire adoption process through Purrr was great from start to finish. It was very professional, warm, smooth, and caring. It is wonderful to see such a great organization that really cares about each and every one of their cats to take the time to get to know my family, our home, and the environment that Danny would be living in. When I first met Danny, I knew he had to be a part of our family and immediately reached out to Purrr to let them know we were interested. They explained the whole process to us in detail, made sure we understood what is included with his adoption, and advised us we would be part of the Purrr family furever! What really stood out to us is the care that they took in making sure he was the best fit for us as much as we were to him. They have kept in contact with us since day one to make sure everything is still going well. With Danny being a little extra special, I know they really wanted to find him a good home and I am sure they know they did. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a cat, adopt through Purrr. It is great to know you become part of the family and they are always there for you.” – Megan T.

Megan and Danny

Danny’s Adoption Story
Yesterday was a special day for our SUPER special guy, Danny! He came to us skinny and scared, his right arm freshly amputated from a horrible wound. From the start, however, he stood out as a relentlessly adaptive, curious, and totally loving baby – so much so, that one of the stellar staff at our local animal hospital fell in love at first sight! So, it was with happy tears and many kisses that we were able to send little Danny off to his purrrfect forever home with a family who will love and spoil him as they do their other babies. We are so excited to see you grow and live your best life, little Dan-Dan!


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