Jessica, Crockett & Tubbs

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“I had not lived with pets in over 20 years so it had been a while since I adopted a cat. I was not expecting much attention however, I was pleasantly shocked at how attentive the staff at Purrr were and at how much these kittens were truly loved and highly cared for prior to their adoption! From the first day we were contacted by Angie, to the kitten visits before they came home with us, all points of the adoption process exceeded my expectations. I even got a luxury goodie bag filled with toys and specialty items! Angie was so helpful, caring, and quick to respond and our phone interview and home visit were so professional, informative, and full of important details to know! We are thrilled at the amazing service Purrr provides the animals and folks wanting to adopt. I truly feel like part of the family and I 100% recommend Purrr as being the best organization to work with!” – Jessica T.


Crockett & Tubbs Adoption Story
Our spunkiest of duos, Yin and Yang are doing MEOWvelouz in their new home and their beautiful family is extremely happy to have them be a part of their everyday lives. Since the start of their kittenhood, Yin and Yang were rambunctious, incredibly playful, and FUN! We at Purrr and their foster mama, Angie, enjoyed many laughs prior to their adoption watching them run around, jump, leap, and pounce on one other. They exude happiness and a zest for life and we are incredibly thankful for their amazing, new family who now provides them with all the love and support they need to continue living out their joyous lives.

Yin and Yang now go by the name of Crockett and Tubbs. What a perfect name change! They sure are little undercover furry detectives – ready for action, ready to save the world!


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