Join the PURRR Family!

When you adopt from PURRR, you're not just welcoming a cat into your home; you're becoming a cherished member of the PURRR Family. We're here to provide support, resources, and guidance throughout your journey as a pet owner. We believe in building lasting connections that go beyond adoption day.

From application to adoption please anticipate up to a 2-week timeline. This is to ensure a perfect match and seamless transition to your home.



Start by filling out an adoption application. 
This helps us understand your preferences, lifestyle, and what you're looking for in a cat companion. You will hear from us within 48 hours.


Meet and Greet

Once we review your application, we'll schedule an appointment for you to visit our sanctuary. It's a chance for you to see firsthand the personalities and quirks of our feline residents. Plan on 30-45 minutes.


In-Home Consultation

After you've connected with a potential furry family member, we schedule a 15-minute in-home, educational consultation, to ensure a smooth integration into your home. Our team provides guidance on setting up your space and making it cat-friendly, knowing the personality of the cat you’re adopting, all to set you and your new companion up for success.


Bring Your Lifelong Companion Home

We prioritize your new family member's well-being by conducting a comprehensive final medical examination and bloodwork before you take your lifelong feline companion home. Please plan for a 48-hour transition period.


Welcome to the Family

We'll check in after a week to ensure a smooth transition and address any questions. As a part of the PURRR Family, feel free to contact us anytime for assistance.

Adoption Fee and Take-Home Package
Your $250 adoption donation includes more than just bringing home a new family member. It covers essential services and supplies to ensure a great start for your furry friend:
Your journey starts here, with PURRR Adoption + Sanctuary!
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